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He.net 6to4 tunnel in Microsoft Windows 10 Build 1903.

Started by Rewillis, June 25, 2020, 05:21:15 PM

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Great to hear that. Come back for all your IPv6 questions whenever you feel like 🙂


Quote from: Rewillis on August 03, 2020, 12:09:26 PMkasperd, see the attachment for the 6rd values that I need.
If you want to use that router with a HE tunnel, the values you need to enter are as follows:

As 6rd Prefix you enter the routed prefix HE has assigned to you. That router splits it across 5 separate text fields which you fill in one of two different ways depending on the length of your routed prefix.

For a 64 bit prefix, replace the four zeros with the first four components of your routed prefix. Enter 64 in prefix length.

For a 48 bit prefix, replace the first three zeros with the first three components of your routed prefix. Leave the last zero untouched. Enter 48 in prefix length.

For 6rd IPv4 Border Relay Address enter the IPv4 address of the HE tunnel server you are using.

For 6rd IPv4 Address Mask Length the preferred value is 32. If you happen to be using a router which rejects 32 you can enter 31 instead, but that only works if your prefix is 48 bits, those routers cannot use a routed 64 bit prefix.

If your own ISP supports 6rd, then you can expect a better result by using the values provided by your own ISP than by using HE.


REWILLIS, I'm having the same issues with my D6400; what values did you use for DRD6 for CenturyLink?


mstorms, see the attachment below for the Netgear D6400 6rd tunnel values via Centurylink.com.  Also, you can find these values at the following uniform resource locator ( URL ): "https://www.centurylink.com/home/help/internet/modems-and-routers/advanced-setup/enable-ipv6.html.
These values may be difficult to determine at the above-given url, but the values are clear in the attachment included with this post ( a screen shot from my own Netgear D6400 router ).  This should enable you to successfully connect to "ipv6.google.com," for example.  :)