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I'm curious what people use their tunnels for, and would like to better know the community :)

I use my tunnels to connect from behind Comcast and Speakeasy at home (oh and to test the tunnel-servers from the end-user's point-of-view of the service).

I use IPv6 to expand my networking knowledge and as IPv6 is the future I see it as something to be added to my knowledge
and to find common issues that may have solutions that need to be remembered for future use

I use it to ssh into my network at home to any equipment that can support ipv6.  (Just cant do wireless stuff atm)
Do have a webserver and dns server setup and running, for development purposes for some sites, that are bound to v4/v6 addresses.
A little research/expermintation too with a cisco router.

In addition to my true answer, I also want to see the dancing turtle!

My tunnel goes to my co-located box since native IPv6 isn't there yet.  I had also been using 6to4 since 2004.  Planned is a VPN to include my home machines but my router and DSL modem have been problems.

I volunteer my time in supporting and one of our name servers in the UK has native IPv6 space, but the rest of our name servers like those in the US don't have IPv6 space and I've enabled both US servers with tunnels. In the last few days I've also added AAAA records for all the websites on one of the US boxes, and I'm going to be redoing our DNS records shortly to have IPv6 glue records as well, currently only the UK IP has been added as a glue record.

We're keeping track of the DNS requests coming in via IPv6 connections and it's pretty low at this stage, although not having the IPs as glue records is partly responsible I'm guessing.

I still have to shift mail + mailing lists to the same box at some point, and that would also be IPv6 enabled then as well, but I've been going to shift mail to that system for a few years now and just haven't gotten round to it :)


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