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Sage T-Shirt

Started by Mierdin, January 25, 2011, 08:18:30 AM

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Patience young sages, patience.


Quote from: kriteknetworks on May 01, 2011, 08:17:20 PM
Patience young sages, patience.


Sometimes they just don't show up.


603 Sages since Jan 18, 2011 verified their info.

We're building another order based on the numbers crunched today. We're also investigating using FedEx or UPS or similar for delivery options opposed to USPS and overseas post.

If you have not gotten a shirt, and you had your address verification in before Jan 18th, 2011, you must email ipv6@he.net The guys handling the orders with the vendor do not read the forums as often as they can be assigned open tickets.


Any possible way to post up this list?  I would assume posting usernames to this list would not be an issue, since you list top 200 usernames anyway.  Would be great to see username on list so know for sure that hey should get shirt in next shipment, etc.


I got mine.  Thanks HE!


Is there a way to tell what carrier the package will come from or what it will look like (ie what sort of packaging, return address company, etc). I had mine sent to my office mail room and the volume there is such that they don't sort and deliver, you are expected to show up and describe what your package looks like after you think it ought to have shown up.


Mine arrived today too (thanks HE). It came in a light gray plastic bag (uline.com S-5617 7.5"x10.5") by USPS. I think this type of mailing bag is supposed to be flat, but with a T-Shirt inside it is almost round.
The bag had 4 stickers on the front:
2 address labels (for sender and recipient address)
1 small barcode postage label (bright pink lines on top and bottom)
1 large barcode delivery confirmation label (wide green line on top)

I hope this helps you to find yours.


I received my Sage shirt today.  Thanks Hurricane Electric!


still waiting!  darn it!  Plus we are about to have a postal strike up here in Canada  >:(  shucks


i've completed Sage today... and ordered T-shirt. i'm so happy  ::) ::)
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Thanks a bundle, all you HE dudes. I love the fact that you send out free shirts for us completing your free certification by using your free tunnels and free dns services.




Got my shirt today. Thanks HE!


Got mine today!  Thanks HE, can not wait to show it off at work this friday (casual friday's).


Got my Shirt on Friday.  Thanks so much, it's awesome.  Can't wait to show it off at work this week!


Anyone received their T-Shirt and found it is the wrong size?  I received my shirt, but it is a size Small.  Trying to put it on my XXXL frame would probably result in either physical injury or the geek version of 'Hulking out'.